The Proven Winner plants in this collection are grown and shipped by Four Star Greenhouses, a proud supplier of English Gardens.  Four Star and English Gardens began their relationship over 38 years ago. Since then, English Gardens has become the premiere destination for Proven Winners plants and products in Michigan. Our latest objective is to provide the same excellent Proven Winners you see in English Garden stores shipped directly to your home.

Proven Winners plants are preferred because they are easy to grow, offering outstanding, disease-resistant performance for new and experienced gardeners alike.  

Proven Winners annuals, perennials and shrubs are selected from the best in the world. Our horticulturists travel the globe, sourcing superior plants that are then trialed and tested for two to three years in various locations, including Michigan, New Hampshire, California, Florida, Germany and Japan.  Plants that make our final cut are chosen for performance factors gardeners want:

* All-season color and bountiful blooms

* Resistance to disease and insects

* Tolerance for heat and humidity

By selecting Proven Winners brand soils, fertilizers and WaterWise™ drip irrigation kits, you are choosing products specially developed to help you grow Proven Winners plants easily and successfully. 

Relax and enjoy your beautiful garden beds and containers from Proven Winners!